Real Estate Investing: Familiarizing Yourself With The Business

Real Estate Investing: Familiarizing Yourself With The Business

For those just breaking into the field of real estate investing, trying to figure out which direction to take can be a daunting task. With all of the terminology and vast ways you can approach real estate investing, it is easy to become overwhelmed. At the very least, there is a lot to take into consideration. However, there is no substitute for a proper education. The more you know about real estate investing, the easier it will be to decide on a particular exit strategy or subsequent path. You may not come to a decision over night, but the more you know, the more comfortable you will start to become. Where you get your information is not as important as how you process it. There is a lot to know when investing in real estate, but you need to start somewhere. Familiarize yourself with real estate investing and you will have a better idea of the way you want to take your business.

As much as reality TV can give you an unrealistic portrait of the business, it can also be a great source of information. Regardless of which show you watch, you can probably pick up one new term or strategy. The specifics of the deal are not as important as the steps it takes and the obstacles you may face. Because the show is on TV, there will always be a certain level of entertainment value and drama, but there is also some good information provided. If you are going to sit in front of a TV, you might as well watch something that can have some impact on your business.

In addition to watching TV, you should attend as many networking meetings and investment clubs as possible. This may be a little uncomfortable when you are just starting out, but you need to start somewhere. Even if you just show up and don’t add anything to the group, the knowledge you will gain is priceless. Instead of seeing how someone on TV does something, you can hear real world stories of real investors doing real deals. Not only will you gain valuable information, you will start to develop contacts that you can tap into once you start closing deals. This information will also help you decide which area of the business you gravitate to and want to make as your niche.

While there are certainly many good investors worth talking to at every meeting, there is also a certain population that is only looking to push their agenda. Take in as much information as you can and listen to everyone, but you should always do your homework on everything you hear. Just because a certain niche or area didn’t work for one investor doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Every deal is different. You never know if the investor you are talking to may have done something during the transaction to jeopardize it. Acting on any advice received blindly is a recipe for disaster. Take the time to see if this would work for you and your business before you do anything. It is often just as easy to learn what not to do.

If you truly want to learn the business, you will read as much about it as possible. There are countless investing and finance books out there. Instead of spending time on your favorite social media website, you should spend 30 minutes every day reading about real estate. This could be a book, website, magazine, blog or anything that you can learn from. It doesn’t matter where you get your information from, as long as you are taking something in every day. While the information you read today may not immediately come into play with your business, you will have it at your disposal when the time comes. The internet alone is a great source of information. As many books that are available, there are even more websites dedicated to investing. Find one that is easy to navigate and read one blog a day. Many of these sites can also provide insight on local markets and can provide the information of investors in your area.

The single best way to learn the business is by doing it, but that may be easier said than done when you are starting out. You should be able to find someone through networking meetings or investment clubs that you can shadow for a deal or two while you are just getting going. You may need to do some grunt work or errands for them to make it worthwhile, but seeing deals as they are formed is a priceless learning experience. Knowing how to make offers and negotiate with a real seller is worth more than anything you can read in a book. Physically seeing a property and having an idea of what to look for will also help you when you are ready to start buying. If you can find a mentor or fellow an investor that will let you pick their brain, you will more equipped to handle things when they come your way.

There is a lot to know when you are just starting out. Instead of trying to engulf it all in one day, try to learn a little bit at a time. You can even focus on just one area until you feel you know it well enough to move on. There is never a perfect time to get started and you will never know everything, but the more comfortable you are with the process, the more successful you will be.

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