How Much Do The Individuals In Your Real Estate Company Matter?

Posted by Carla Purdy // January 9, 2017

Have you been underestimating the value of the individuals in your real estate company? Every employee has the power to make a significant difference in a company. Your team, for that matter, is a decisive factor in both the future of your real estate company, and your personal future. Don’t believe it? Here are seven […]

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What Are The Biggest Factors In Determining Property Value?

Posted by Carla Purdy // January 6, 2017

When evaluating a new property, one of the first things you need to do is determine its approximate value. In today’s market, that may be easier said than done. With the increased number of foreclosures and short sales, two properties can often give completely different values. Failing to determine an accurate property value will impact […]

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Easy Tricks To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Posted by Carla Purdy // January 4, 2017

First impressions go a long way in renting or selling a property. You can spend hours perfecting the interior, but nobody will even see it if the exterior doesn’t warrant further inquiries. In other words, the outside should make people want to see the inside; it’s really as simple as that. In most cases, prospective […]

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5 Critical Steps To Take Into Your First Short Sale

Posted by Carla Purdy // January 2, 2017

Short sales have greatly increased in popularity over the last decade. No more than 10 years ago, very few investors really knew what they were, or how they worked. Today, they serve as a main source of deals for investors of every level. While short sales have declined ever so slightly in popularity over the […]

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4 Valuable Lessons To Take Into Your Next Rehab

Posted by Carla Purdy // December 30, 2016

Regardless if you have one rehab under your belt or 100, there are always things to take away from every experience. Not only is the process extremely rewarding, but there is always something that can be gleaned from a completed project – successful or not. At the very least, you can learn from previous mistakes, […]

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9 Tips To Recruit & Retain The Best Real Estate Talent

Posted by Carla Purdy // December 28, 2016

As a real estate leader or brand, your team is the most valuable asset you have. Having said that, how can you recruit the best real estate talent, and keep them? 1. Flexible work arrangements: Campaign Track recommends offering flexible work arrangements. This may mean freedom in balancing in-office hours from home hours. Flexibility can […]

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4 Ways To Improve Your Bank Negotiation Strategy

Posted by Carla Purdy // December 26, 2016

Negotiating with banks for potential deals is much more different than buying from a traditional seller. It takes a certain amount of patience and persistence to complete a successful bank-owned transaction. There are times when even solid looking deals will fall apart, through no fault of your own. Instead of sulking and complaining about them, […]

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7 Tricks To Add Value & Boost Rental Asking Prices

Posted by Carla Purdy // December 23, 2016

How can rental property owners add more value and boost rents to realize higher profit margins? Rents are relatively high in many parts of America. However, property prices are rising too. In order for deals to make sense, or to simply maximize income and property value, it would help if buy and hold investors could […]

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5 Daily Habits Of Successful Investors

Posted by Carla Purdy // December 21, 2016

In all honesty, there is not much that separates a successful business from a mediocre one. More often than not, it’s the little things can account for the biggest differences. There is one aspect, however, that has the ability to propel even new investors towards a prosperous career: habits. The daily habits you develop have […]

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Is There A Right Time When It Comes To Selling Real Estate?

Posted by Carla Purdy // December 19, 2016

With home values rising in many markets, it is not hard to see why a lot of people would want to sell their property. However, there is a lot more that goes into selling a home than rising prices. It is safe to say that selling a home is not an exact science, but rather […]

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