The Secret To A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Posted by Carla Purdy // September 19, 2017

Direct mail campaigns continue to be one of the most important forms of marketing a real estate investor can implement. If you have a quality list of homeowners that genuinely need your help, you can quickly reach them with a good direct mail campaign. While it can be time consuming and costly, you can also […]

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Tips To Make Your Next Bandit Sign Campaign A Huge Success

Posted by Carla Purdy // May 1, 2017

You have probably seen them, even without knowing what they were; they are the 12 X 18 inch bandit signs that are hanging from telephone poles or strategically placed in four way intersections. They are a great, inexpensive ways to find deals, and not to be overlooked. You can purchase a hundred of these signs […]

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Building The Best Real Estate Team Imaginable

Posted by Carla Purdy // April 28, 2017

The most successful real estate investors know that they can’t do everything by themselves. Even though real estate is an individual business, you need a strong team around you to be successful. Everyone from your real estate agent to your repairman plays a part in your success. Neglecting to build a proper real estate team […]

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Good Investors Know How To Put Plans Into Action

Posted by Carla Purdy // April 26, 2017

Planning is, without question, the backbone of real estate success. Whether it is a business plan or a subsequent marketing strategy, investors should never rush in without knowing what they are doing. There is, however, something that is as equally as important as planning, if not complimentary: taking action. Your plans must lead to taking […]

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How To Reduce Vacancies With Happier Tenants

Posted by Carla Purdy // April 24, 2017

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a rental property is filling vacancies. There is a good chance you already spend time looking for new tenants and pouring through applications every year. In a perfect world, however, you wouldn’t have to deal with this part of the business and your properties would stay occupied […]

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How To Maximize Your Rehab’s Bottom Line

Posted by Carla Purdy // April 3, 2017

It may go without saying, but your bottom line should be at the forefront of your mind on every flip. It is not enough to simply be involved in a rehab deal, you need to be conscious of where it is headed. Your success is based on how well you run the property, and how […]

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How The Best Business Owners Get The Most Out Of Their Employees

Posted by Carla Purdy // March 31, 2017

It can be argued that people are the true foundation of any business, and not the product or service it provides. Employees, for that matter, are essentially a business owner’s most valuable asset. Treated with care and respect, they have the potential to take a business to the next level. However, neglecting your team can […]

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How To Improve Your Tenant/Landlord Relationship?

Posted by Carla Purdy // March 29, 2017

As a landlord, it can be argued that you are only as good as your tenants. Regardless of how great the location is, poor tenants can really hurt a landlord’s bottom line. Before your tenant spends a day in your property, you need to put the time in to make sure they are a good […]

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Is It Time To Consider An Investing Partner?

Posted by Carla Purdy // March 24, 2017

Is working with a partner the best way to get started in real estate? Real estate partnerships, in their various forms, have been around for longer than you may have realized – and rightfully so. They serve a great purpose. They are often heralded as a great tool for enabling new real estate investors to […]

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4 Questions To Ask Before You Start Investing

Posted by Carla Purdy // March 22, 2017

Far too many new investors are confused as to which step to take next. There are simply too many ways to invest. While some find the freedom beneficial, others are scared at the direction it may take them. To that end, there are seemingly endless ways to conduct a real estate transaction. However, some of […]

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